Where your money goes

Each time you buy a gift from our shop, you are contributing to Humanity & Inclusion’s vital work supporting disabled and vulnerable people around the world. You are not only changing lives, you are also giving people hope for the future.

Depending on which gifts you choose, your money will help:

  • Provide artificial limbs and rehabilitation in 29 countries such as Sri Lanka, Haiti, Iraq and Ethiopia.
  • Protect civilians from landmines and explosive weapons in 22 countries such as Afghanistan, Lebanon, Laos and Senegal.
  • Respond to emergencies in places such as Syria, Nepal, Haiti and the Philippines, making sure people with disabilities receive the help the need.
  • Include disabled children in education in 27 countries such as Indonesia, Madagascar and Ethiopia.

For a full breakdown of our finances, please visit our main website.

Your money could help children like Youssef

14-year-old Youssef was playing with his friends in Syria when a missile exploded next to him.

He suffered terrible injuries to his right leg. Sadly, surgeons had to amputate it to save his life. In an instant, the young boy lost all hope of ever playing football again.

But thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Youssef was fitted with an artificial leg and he is now using football as a great rehabilitation exercise.

When he first tried kicking a ball, Youssef’s new leg may have flown off, but he has since made amazing progress! He says: “I thought it was hopeless, that I would never play football again. Now I’m eager to play.”

Buy a gift today and support children like Youssef