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Each time you buy a gift from our shop, you are contributing to Humanity & Inclusion’s vital work supporting disabled and vulnerable people around the world. You are not only changing lives, you are also giving people hope for the future.

Depending on which gifts you choose, your donation could support the following areas of our work:


Provide artificial limbs and rehabilitation care.

The gift of hope © Lucas Veuve/HI


Protect civilians by clearing deadly landmines and unexploded bombs.

The gift of safety © Jules Tusseau/HI

Emergency aid

Support disabled and vulnerable people in humanitarian emergencies.

The gift of care © Gwenn Dubourthoumieu/HI

Inclusive education

Ensure that disabled children are included in school.

The gift of inclusion © Erwan Rogard/HI

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How your donation could help

Khendo and Nirmala both lost a leg in the huge earthquakes that struck Nepal in 2015. They were fitted with an artificial limb and are learning to walk again thanks to supporters. © Lucas Veuve/HI
© Lucas Veuve/HI

In April 2015, Nepal was hit by a violent earthquake. Hundreds of miles apart, Nirmala and Khendo were both buried under the rubble. They woke up in hospital frightened, each having had a leg amputated.

The girls both started rehabilitation sessions with HI’s physiotherapists and soon became friends. They were fitted with prosthetic legs and we helped them learn to walk again.

Three years on, the girls are still almost never apart and even go to school together. Our team adjusts their prostheses every six months because they are growing so fast.


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