Psychological support


£26 could provide a psychological support session to help someone cope with a life-changing injury or other traumatic experience.



About this gift

An amputation or other life-changing injury can result in significant psychological trauma. So, rehabilitation is not only about recovering physical mobility – learning to cope with the mental scars is vitally important too.

Najah (pictured above) was left paraplegic after being caught in crossfire while fleeing fighting in Homs, Syria. She took refuge with her daughter in Lebanon, where Humanity & Inclusion teams provided her with psychological support as well as a wheelchair and physical rehabilitation sessions.

Thanks to our support she has now regained her taste for life and is able to look after her daughter independently.

How this gift helps

This gift helps to ensure that disabled and vulnerable people get the support they need in humanitarian emergencies.

Your donation will help provide essential aid, rehabilitation, and psychological support through Humanity & Inclusion’s emergency projects in countries such as Bangladesh, Lebanon and the Philippines.

Thank you!

What you will receive

For each gift you order, we will send you a beautiful printed card and envelope. You can write your personal message by hand and choose to give your gift in person or send it on by post.